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Side Wall Vent Systems save time and money and are excellent for electric to gas/oil, renovations, new construction or for replacing deteriorated chimneys. Side wall venting saves costly materials and labor on two, three or more story runs.  It also increases living space by cutting out interior chases.  Proven safety interlocks assure proper exhaust, a feature conventional chimneys do not offer in today's homes and buildings. Units are positioned on the wall and pipe, sized to the blower inlet, is fed into the blower where combustion gases are forced out of the building. Wall vent kits that provide a passage through the wall are also listed below.

All models feature the new UC1 Universal Control and a diaphragm Fan Proving Switch safety interlock which will shut down heating equipment if a venting malfunction occurs.  UC1 Universal Control features include; adjustable pre and post-purge settings, LED Status/diagnostic indicators, Fan Prover switch monitoring.  Interlocks with any 24-120 VAC burner control circuit.

 HSJ   HS1   HS2   HS3   HS4   HS5 
 $599.95   $635.95   $774.95   $1094.95   $1469.95   $1799.95 

Tjernlund VH Series Vent Hoods
Specially designed to terminate Tjernlund Side Wall Vent Systems. They are also an approved method of terminating many horizontally vented appliances.  Vent hoods feature heavy duty, corrosion resistant aluminum construction.  Models VH1-3, 4 and 6 also have an additional heat shield for built in clearances from combustibles.  Building exteriors are kept clean while the aesthetics of the structure remain undisturbed.  All mounting hardware is included.

 VH4   VH6   VH8   VH10 
 $254.95   $266.95   $489.95   $569.95 

Tjernlund DC Series Barometric Dampers
This single acting control is made of corosion resistant steel for low maintenance and corrosion resistance. It has integral anchor points and self- aligning, self-centering rocker bearings for long  lasting service.  A cushioned stop minimizes rattle and noise. Adjustment is easily accomplished by moving counter weight on outside tab. The number associated with the particular DC Damper indicates pipe size.

   DC4    DC6    DC7     DC8    DC10
 $172.95   $178.95   $199.95   $238.95   $478.95 

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