Ward Burner Systems

Customized Combustion Equipment

General Ordering Info

We Do Not Offer Online Ordering. Because of the custom and esoteric nature of the products we make and sell, we prefer to speak with all our customers to discuss their needs and determine the right product(s) for their application.

Terms: Orders are prepaid. We accept personal checks, company checks, and money orders. We also accept the following credit cards; Master Card, VISA, American Express, and Discover. We also accept Checks, PayPal and Wire Transfers (please contact us for bank routing instructions). Please check with us for additional shipping charges. Schools and institutions may order items on a net 30 basis. No order based on net 30 will be processed or placed in our production schedules until a valid signed purchase order is received. Also all purchase orders that involve burners or burner parts must reference the gas and pressure. See “Specifics” below. Past due invoices will be charged 1.5% per month service charge. COD orders are shipped only through UPS and are charged an additional $12.50 over the cost of materials and shipping. Power Burners are not shipped COD. TN residents add 9.75% sales tax.

Specifics: When ordering burners, please include the type of gas that will be used along with the operating pressure. Please read the Burner Ordering Info page. Without gas and pressure information we cannot fill your order. NOTE: Natural gas hookup involves many variables. The available pressure, length of pipe run and the number of turns, pipe size, and meter capacity all affect the number of BTU's that can be delivered to the burner. Please consult with us if you have any questions.

Minimum Order: There is a $20.00 minimum order. Orders less than this are subject to a $3.00 handling fee.

Returns: Returns are not allowed without permission and are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Be sure of your application before ordering.

Prices: We will do our best to hold prices steady, but as many of you know, this is not always possible. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Special Charges: We will be glad to be of assistance helping you pass codes and inspections by your local authorities regarding burners and kilns. If custom drawings and or extensive phone conversations are needed, you may be subject to our consultation rate of $100.00 per hour (minimum $25.00 charge) .

Email Requests: Requests generally prompt more questions from us. Email is a VERY poor way to discuss technical matters. Please call us with your questions.

Shipping: We ship UPS whenever possible. All products are shipped FOB from Dandridge, TN. We cannot ship UPS to a PO Box. Please provide us with a street address and phone number. If you have any shipping damage, notify us immediately. Shipping damage not reported within 10 days, cannot be covered by insurance. Shipping charges and weights are not listed in the catalog. Customized products make standardized weights impractical. Please call or write for shipping charges. Brick is sometimes shipped directly from the brick plant via freight lines. A suitable location for large trucks to deliver is essential. Truck lines are responsible only for delivery of your order and moving it to the tail of the truck. Unloading is your responsibility and may entail the use of a fork lift.

Delivery Times: Many of our products are custom made for your order. This means that these products are not "off the shelf" and require sufficient time for production. Delivery can be anywhere from 2-12 weeks depending on our production schedules. Please allow for this in your plans by contacting us early in your project.

Faxes: Please print or type clearly all information. Please be sure to leave at least a 1/2" border of clean paper around the edge. Please do not use pencil or blue ink

Foreign Orders: Communication between us and our customers is essential to ensure that the customer receives the proper items for their intended use. Here in the United States, with a shared language, this communication can take many phone calls over the course of weeks. Email and translation issues can make specifying an item very difficult for our foreign customers. Please be patient and allow plenty of time for orders that originate outside the United States,

NOTE: We will not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise in connection with the use or performance of any item offered for sale in this catalog, including, without limitation, any indirect or consequential damages.
Burners should be installed and used in accordance with Federal, State, and Local codes, rules, and regulations. Only qualified personnel should install or service burners or burner systems. Installation permits to assure compliance with local codes should be obtained from local enforcing agencies. Use the correct gas pressure for the burner, and be sure the fire box and flue are of the proper size before operating.

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