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100% Shut-off for Low Pressure to 14"wc

Control shuts off both main & pilot gas. Pilot gas is taken from within the control. Pilot activated by reset button. For all fuel gases. For full specs on Baso Gas Products™ listed here, go to our Technical Download Section and download a pdf on a particular series valve.

3/4" H15DA Price: $144.50

1"   H15FA Price: $214.50

100% Shut-off for High Pressure to 25 psi

High pressure design allows use on gas pressures up to 25 PSI. Pilot gas is taken from within the control. Gas will pass to both pilot and main burner when reset button is depressed (H19RA 3/8" threads). Gas will not pass to the main burner equipped with flow interupter (H19LA 3/8" threads or the H19NA 1/4" threads) when reset button is depressed. Loss of signal from thermocouple shuts off both main and pilot burners.

H19RA Price: $179.50

H19LA Price: $199.00

H19NA Price: $199.00


H91 Series Basotrol™ Electric Solenoid Valves

These electrically operated valves are for use with all low pressure fuel gases. Current failure closes valve. Valves have two 30" lead wires & conduit connection. Two pilot taps, one on each side of valve. 2-way NC 120volts

3/4" H91RA Price: $119.50

Please call for other sizes, pressure ratings, and voltages

Husky™ K16 High Performance Thermocouples

This Heavy duty, high performance, industrial thermocouple provides high output for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The "HUSKY™" is a replacement for BASO 17D, 50, 58D, 87D, 88D, 97D, 107D, and K15 thermocouples.

36" Price: $16.95

48" Price: $18.95

72" Price: $42.95