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Rectified Burners
Rectified Power Burners

Rectification is a type of Flame Safety that does not rely on the more traditional thermocouple driven safety system. It combines Spark Ignition, Intermittent Pilot, and Flame Rod to Ignite, Prove, and Monitor the flame. Burners are turned on and off with a simple throw of the switch or by controllers. Gas and Air settings are then manually adjusted. Flame Proof and Safety Shutdown are accomplished in less than 1 second. Feel free to give us a call to discuss Flame Rectfiication or you can learn more from one of our past articles on Flame Rectification.
  • Safer
  • Quicker Response
  • Totally Electronic
  • No Thermocouple Burnout
Rectified Power Burner Prices

MBR200 150,000 - 275,000 Btu/Hr
MBR400 285,000 - 480,000 Btu/Hr
MBR700 500,000 - 750,000 Btu/Hr
specific Btu outputs are set to your individual requirements

Rectified Venturi Burners

All of the Venturi Burners we carry can be equipped with rectification. While the Power Burners above always operate on Low Pressure ( less than 1/2 psi), Venturi Burners can operate on a wide range of pressures from Low Pressure to 25 psi. Pricing is based on the Venturi burner used, the range of pressure used, and the type of intermittent pilot selected. Rectification can provide for remote, electronic control and safer, more reliable monitoring. Please call for pricing. Rectified Venturi pricing includes intermittent pilot contoller and 24 Vac transformer not pictured on the left. All Rectified Venturi Burners will require some on-site wiring.
 Pricing dependent of specific configurations. Call for a quote.