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Standard Configuration (C1)

Our Power Burners are forced air burners that have several advantages over Venturi burners. Since air and gas are independently controlled, then mixed, these burners are very efficient. The high volume, long flame length helps produce quicker, more efficient firings. Power burners, with their forced air, do not depend upon the chimney to provide draft. Chimneys need only be tall enough to remove the flue gases from the kiln shed or building. Working on low pressure, Power Burners can be used with either propane or natural gas. These burners are designed to deliver high output on low pressures (14"WC or less). The Btu figures at right are based on natural gas delivery @ 7"WC with .65 specific gravity and propane delivery @ 11"WC with 1.522 specific gravity. Orifices can be adjusted to deal with a wide range of low pressures.
A brass gas cock (1), provides 100% shutoff. Air is controlled by the variable speed control (2) and the manual air shutter (4) and provided by the continuous duty blower (5). A sediment trap (3) prevents sediment from passing through the gas train. The BASO™ valve (12) is connected to the pilot burner (6) which can be adjusted by the CSA/UL approved gas cock (10). The pilot energizes the thermocouple (7) and ignites the main flame which is held constant by the flame retention nozzle (8). An CSA/UL approved ball valve provides smooth gas flow adjustment (9). An optional electric solenoid valve (11) provides instant shutoff in the event of power failure. Electrical connection is by a grounded 6' cord (13).
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Nat. Gas


MB200 50 
up to 270,000
up to 270,000
up to 395,000
up to 395,000
up to 475,000
up to 475,000
up to 595,000
up to 595,000
up to 695,000
up to 695,000
up to 795,000
up to 795,000

The Btu valves in the table above are examples only. All Power Burner's orifices are drilled to your specific Btu requirements.

The equipment listed below is optional. The prices below are the installed prices in addition to the burner base price listed above. For your burner price, add the base price (above) plus any optional equipment.

Optional Equipment

Electric Solenoid Valve. This valve provides instant shutoff in the event of power failure. Flame may lick up the outside of the kiln or go back into the blower during a power outage if this valve is not present. Mounted downstream of BASO; shuts down main burner but leaves pilot burning for automatic reignition upon re-establishment of electricity. Mounted upstream of BASO; shuts down both main and pilot burners with loss of current, calling for manual re-lighting.  NOTE: DO NOT operate in damp or wet areas.

Price: $189.00

Water Column Gauge. This gauge helps produce repeatable firings by providing a reference point based on differential pressure or pressure drop depending on valve location in relation to flow control valve.

Price: $69.50

Ransome Piggyback Venturi Burner. This Venturi pilot burner is excellent for overnight warming and windy areas. Power Burners may not be able to provide the very low settings needed for the start of bisque firings. This optional pilot can provide several thousand Btu’s of heat to completely dry out the load. Comes with attaching clamp, large oval head, baffle plate, gas cock, supply line, and thermocouple fitting. 2,000 to 4,000 Btu output.

Price: $199.00

Spark Ignition. Spark ignition provides an additional level of safety and convenience. Flip a switch and the transformer produces a very intense spark at 300 pulses a minute. Upon pilot ignition, sparking stops. If there is a pilot outage, the electrode senses this in less than 1 second and reignites the pilot. Safe, Fast, Easy.

Price: $199.00

Adjustable Burner Stand. This burner stand securely holds the burner parallel to the floor and can be rotated 360° or adjusted vertically through it's range. Three height ranges measured from the center of the main burner nozzle.

Short: 16" - 22"       Medium: 22" - 32"       Tall: 28" - 38"           Price: $199.00

90° Burner Head. Used when space is at a premium. Allows the burner to be kept close to the wall of the kiln. See below for configurations.

MB200 thru MB400 Price: $39.95                      MB500 thru MB700 Price: $72.95

220 Volt Conversion. For our customers who do not use 110-120 Volts. Because of the wide variety of male/female plug types in use around the world, the power cord will come without male plug.

Price: $109.00

Needle Valve. For those that want very precise control of the main burner. These valves are rated to 400 psi WOG (water, oil, gas) and provide smooth, precise, and incremental throttleing of the main burner.

Price: $97.50

Key Gas Components Shutoff Valve. These large handled shutoff valves are internally lubricated and provide a very smooth adjustments. CSA approved with built in gauge ports.

Price:  $29.95

Power Burner Configurations

NOTE: There is a $100 shipping upcharge on the following configurations: C3, C5, & C7. If you do not specify a configuration for your burner(s), they will be built in the C1 style (see top of this page). To order one of the configurations above, add C and the number. Example; 2- MB200C6. NOTE: Pairs of burners are built as mirror images of each other.

Approval Codes for Burners
  • AGA American Gas Association
  • ANS American National Standards
  • CGA Canadian Gas Association
  • CSA Canadian Standards Association
  • UL Underwriters Laboratory
Listed below is a component breakdown of the operating parts of the MB Series Power Burners and their respective approvals. Virtually all burners are, themselves, not approved by the above agencies because they become parts of a completed system which is field approved by local agencies. If you have problems with compliance to local codes, feel free to contact us or have inspectors contact us. We use the finest approved parts available.

Dayton Shaded Pole Blowers, Models: 1TDN7, 1TDP3, & 1TDP5: CSA & UL (under the motor component recognition program) File E47479 for thermal protection, File E37403 for impedance protection and File E40077.

Vari-Speed Motor Control, Model: KBWC-13K; UL Approved

Baso Gas Products H15 BASOª Safety Valve: AGA, CSA, ANS tested Z21.20 Auto Ignition systems and Z21.21 Auto Valves.

Baso Gas Products H91 BASOTROLª Electric Solenoid Valve: AGA, CSA, ANS Z21.21 Auto Valves.

Honeywell Pilot Burner Model Q314A: AGA, ANS Approved

Baso Gas Products Thermocouple Model: K16BT: AGA, ANS Approved.

Watsco -Camstat Pilot Reignitor Model: PR-120: UL Listed

Apollo International Flow Control Ball Valve:  UL, & CSA Approved.

B&K Proline Gas Cock Valve; Model: 110-524:  CSA, UL Approved.

Carol Grounded 16/3 Cord set: Jacket Type: SJT, UL, CSA Approved

All burners and their components are warranted against defects in parts for one full year of purchase date. Warranty covers normal use and safeguards. We will not warrant blowers without the presence of electrical solenoid valves to prevent burnback in the event of power failure.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise in connection with the use or performance of any item, including, without limitation, any indirect or consequential damages.

Due to continuing improvments, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.