Ward Burner Systems

Customized Combustion Equipment

Kettle & Pot Burners (High Pressure)
   Ransome Spread-Head and Side-Fire burners are ideal for large stills, vats, and pots when high pressure (above 1psi) Natural Gas or Propane is available. They can produce very high Btu output to greatly decrease heat-up times and to increase recovery rates. Maximum Btu output is shown in the charts below. These burners also exhibit great turn-down ratios (Btu range). Lower outputburners can be equipped with manual, thermocouple based safety systems Larger output burners can be equipped with electronic spark ignition and rectified safety systems. Prices on safety systems vary depending on size, pressures, and type. The prices listed below are for the burner only. Please feel free to give us a call to consult with us on the system that is right for your application.

S5S, S8S, and S12S Spread Head Burners
S8S2V & S12S2V Double Venturi Spread Head Burner
S5S...........   $ 249.00
S8S...........   $ 459.00
S12S........... $ 789.00
S8S2V........ $ 899.00
S12S2V..... $1399.00

Safety Systems can be added to all the burners listed above. Prices are in addition to burner prices.

Manual Safety System..... $429.00 (high pressure)

Electronic Safety System.... $1149.00 (high pressure)