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X-11 Impingement Burner with Manual Safety System
X Series Low-Pressure Impingement Burners

 Mode  Diameter   # of Jets          Max Btu Range         Price  
  X-11  10 5/8 in. 32  80,000 to 320,000  549.00
 X-44 14 in. 44 110,000 to 440,000 749.00
 X-66 17 in. 66 165,000 to 660,000 1249.00
 X-88 19 3/8 in. 88 220,000 to 888,000 1999.00
These are our four most popular X-Series Impingement burners. They deliver high output and efficient flame characteristics in a circular burner with standard, low gas pressures. The many, highly calibrated jets, force pairs of flames to "impinge" or hit each other. This causes the flame pairs to produce turbulence which mixes the maximum amount of oxygen with the flame producing an exceptionally clean and efficient heat source. For use with either natural gas or propane.
    The prices above are the burner prices without safety systems. We can provide basic, thermocouple-driven manual safety systems such as the one pictured above on the X-11 or rectified self-igniting, pulse-fired systems that can be coupled with thermostats and/or controllers. Prices for safety systems will vary depending on features and sizes. Below the pictures of the X-44 and X-66 burners are images and specs on the full line of X, U, and W burners we carry. We'll be happy to consult with you on your specific needs and prices.

Safety Systems can be added to the burners listed above:

Manual Safety System..... $309.00
Electronic Safety System.... $659.00

X-44 Impingement Burner
X-66 Impingement Burner
U and W Impingement Burners