Ward Burner Systems

Customized Combustion Equipment

Manual Gas Valves

Gas Cocks

Gas cocks provide 100% positive shut off to downstream units. These forged brass body valves feature smooth quarter turn operation. The chrome plated ball is self cleaning. The special seats will seal at both high and low pressures. CSA approved.

1/2" Price: $12.95                 3/4" Price: $15.95

Ball Valves

These full port ball valves (on the left) are CSA & UL approved. They provide smooth control with the ability to handle full flow amounts especially in low pressure situations. Available in sizes up to 4". (call for prices on sizes not listed)

1/2" Price: $17.95

3/4" Price: $22.95

Lock Not Included

Locking Ball Valves

These full port valves feature the same characteristics as the valves above, but can be locked out in either open or closed positions. This is a must for detachable burner systems on charged lines.

1/2" Price: $31.95

3/4" Price: $36.95

Needle Valves

Needle Valves provide smooth, precise control for burner operation. They will not “wabble” or change position during the firing. A must if you really need to “fine tune” your burners. Rated to 400psi WOG.(water, oil, gas). NOTE: though not specifically CSA approved for fuel gases, many local agencies accept needle valves for such use.

1/2" Price: $79.95                     3/4" Price: $97.50

Key Gas Components Shutoff Valves

These aluminum valves feature some of the smoothest adjustments found in a shutoff valve. They are internally lubricated and CSA approved for fuel gases operating up to 1/2 psi. Valves have a built-in 1/8" gauge port.

Model 300 1/2"  Price: $34.95

Model 400 3/4"  Price: $39.95